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Company Office Party

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The Company Office casino party is where your employees are having so much fun playing the casino games they do not talk business with each other.  It is also a standard format casino party where we follow some rules of thumb to help guide you pick the casino best for your event.

Rules of thumb for initial planning.

1.  Pick a venue where the room will be on ground floor but if you are not able to do that, make sure the venue has a true freight elevator in addition to the people elevators.  The casino table are big so we need a big elevator.

2.  Try to have food service stations and not a sit down meal because that allows the guests able to play the casino games at their convenience.  tables wedding reception and casino theme is one of those events that changes slightly from the normal casino party.  

3.  You want enough casino tables for 50 - 70 percent of the guests to play the games at the same time.  Not everyone will play at the same time but try not to go below 50 percent capacity because then you will have guests that want to play but are unable.  The only time you may want to go above 70 percent capacity is when you schedule a sit down meal for the guests.  We have one client where they do a sit down meal and awards and then open the casino tables for play but there is only 1.5 hours left at the venue, so 95 percent of the guests try to go to the casino tables at the same time.  So let’s make things easy and start the initial planning at 60 percent capacity.

4.  Keep in mind that more men will play craps, more women will play roulette, everyone plays blackjack, and stay away from poker (Texas Hold em) because they will sit for hours and never move, however, if you know you have a lot of poker players then by all means have 1 poker table.  Stick with the 3 main casino games of craps, roulette, and blackjack.  If you event has a lot of guests (over 150) then we can start adding additional games to provide a variety of entertainment.

Once we go through the rules of thumb above the fun part begins where we need to modify the casino table mix for a few reasons and they are

1.  Space available at the venue.  You will have tables and high tops for the guests to sit and place their drinks, a food stations line, possibly a DJ, and the casino tables, so if there is not enough space for all the casino tables then we need to eliminate some of them.  If we can get the dimensions of the room we can create it in our computer and plug the casino table in to scale and provide you and the venue a presentation of what can fit.

2.  Your budget.  You will have a lot of expenses the night of the event (venue, catering, DJ) and the most important is the venue and the food, so if your budget does not allow all the casino tables then we need to modify the table mix.

3.  Variety of casino table games.  Let’s assume you followed the rules of thumb and stayed with the 3 main casino games of craps, roulette, and blackjack, but you have some guests that like a specific game, say three card poker, then what you do is change one of the blackjack tables to the new game.  This allows you to keep the same capacity for your guests.

We realize all this information can appear to be a lot to take in at one time, but the process is easy and we will guide you though the decisions to make.

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