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Casino Fund Raiser

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware,

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The casino fund raiser is a unique event and a great way to raise money for your charity.  The guests always have fun and the awarding of prizes captures the attention of the guests.

Fund Raisers are also completely different than the standard casino party because money is involved, which makes it gambling, so the company you hire must know the laws of each State and guide you ensuring there are no infractions of the law so you do not get in trouble.  We will go over the specifics of each State but first let’s talk about how the typical casino night fund raiser is conducted.

The most important thing for the fund raiser is to get the guests to the event and that means you should pre-sell tickets, otherwise you do not know how many casino tables you should have.  Pre selling tickets can be difficult because you are asking people to pay money for an event sometime in the future and they probably don’t know what know what they are doing the tomorrow.  You could try telling your guests you will be limiting the number of guests who will attend so if they pay half now you will guarantee they get a ticket to the event.  Do whatever you can to pre sell the tickets.

Some important questions to ask of the casino company you hire is their cancellation policy and/or reducing the number of casino tables from the contract in the case you do not have as many guess as you expected.  The good casino companies understand they must work with a fund raiser and do everything needed to ensure the event is successful, and that means reducing the number of tables with no penalty if the guest count is low.  Trust us, we have heard some amazing stories of other companies where they keep you money and allow you 6 months to re-book the event - does that make any sense - no - it is a fund raiser and not something you can just reschedule.  This is what we mean by the “good companies” because they know how to work and guide a fund raiser.  On our casino fund raiser contracts we include a statement which informs you that even though you are signing a contract for specific casino tables and dealers, you may need to delete some tables which will lower the total cost.  We do this for your protection because you do not know how many guests will attend.

During the event the typical fund raiser should have enough staff to check the guests in quickly so there is not a long line trying to enter the event.  The check in staff will collect all money and offer the guests an opportunity to make a donation and get a lot of casino chips to play.  The guess initially will not receive casino chips because we do not want to weigh them down, so they will receive vouchers.  Most of the time the guests put the vouchers in their pocket, see some friends, get a drink, and mingle before they play the casino games.

Now let’s discuss the major differences (the Law) for each State to keep you legal.

New Jersey is the friendliest State to the casino fund raiser because it is legal as long as you follow the rules which is you must hire a licensed equipment provider, you must have a registration number with the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission, you must have township approval, and every dealer must be licensed.  I know that sounds like a lot but it is a simple process.  You can have all the casino games and the dealers will ensure the games are run according to the State laws.  The pit boss will be you contact if a State representative comes to the event.  Every one of the State representatives are good people who want to help you and they don’t want to issue fines, they just want to make sure the event is following the law.  Our pit boss has a great reputation with the State representatives and will guide you how to have everything prepared and presented just in case the State shows up.

Pennsylvania is another great State that wants to help a casino fund raiser, unfortunately the State legislature has not provided exceptions to the gambling laws.  What this means is the “normal” way a casino fund raiser is conducted, as in the case of New Jersey, is not allowed and must be modified to follow the law.  There were two Pennsylvania State police officers who created a fantastic power point presentation to help guide a casino fund raiser in the ways to change how the event is conducted to make it legal.  So the final answer is YES, you can have a casino night fund raiser in Pennsylvania as long as we eliminate one of the three elements of gambling.  Again this is what we meant earlier how the “good” companies know the law and are able to guide you.  If a casino company you are talking with does not offer to explain how the games must be changed in Pennsylvania they probably do not know the law, so be careful in this case.

Delaware is another great State to hold a casino night fund raiser.  Unfortunately for the charities in Delaware, the State ended up hurting charities in their quest to get a few thousand dollars of extra revenue.  The State decided in 2013 to require each casino company to obtain a license as they do in New Jersey.  The license is very expensive and there is not enough business in Delaware to justify the expense of the license, so we do not know of any casino companies that obtained the license, hence the “normal” way of conducting a fundraiser may be allowed, but there are no casino companies to help you.  GOOD NEWS, because there is a way we can help you because we know the laws.  What we have to do is conduct the casino fund raiser the same way as is done in Pennsylvania by eliminating one of the three elements of gambling.

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