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Casino Birthday Parties

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Casino Birthday Parties:  NJ PA Philadelphia casino birthday party and casino theme birthday party by Cards or Dice Entertainment is the standard because it is fun and entertaining the entire night for your guests.  

Most clients have an idea of which tables they would like to have but do not know how many tables, so we guide them using rules of thumb to get them to a starting point. The rules of thumb are simple and you will see it closely follows 1 table for every 10 guests.

1. Have a range of 50-70 percent of the guests able to play at the same time.  Not all guests will play and certainly not at the same time.

2. More men will play craps, more women will play roulette, and everyone plays blackjack.  As for poker - Texas hold ‘em, unless you have a lot of poker players we suggest you not have this table because poker players will sit for hours and never move, and that is probably not what you want at your event.

3.  Craps hold 12 players, poker holds 10 players, and all the other games hold 7 players.

So let’s give an example.  Let’s say you are having 50 guests at you casino birthday party.  You want a range of 50-70 able to play so we are looking for 25-35 players.  A good table mix would be 1 craps, 1 roulette, and 1 blackjack because that will allow 26 players.  If you added another table (poker, 3 card poker, Caribbean stud, let-it-ride) that would allow another 7 players.

Now the fun part begins because we need to modify the casino tables for a couple of reasons.

1.  The space available at your venue, especially if it will be at your house.  You will have other items at the event, possibly a DJ, tables for seating and food, so the space available for the casino tables may be limited.  If you need to eliminate a casino table for space, then that is what you do.

2.  Your budget.  You have other expenses for the event such as the cost of the venue, food, DJ, etc, so if the casino tables puts you over budget then you should eliminate a table.

So how does the casino birthday party work.  First we need a photo of the guest of honor to put on the funny money which we create at no charge.  Every guest will receive the $1,000 funny money and when they are ready to play, just as if they were in a casino they give the funny money to the dealer and get their chips to play.

They can take a break to mingle or play a different game, but at the end of the event you should have a prize for the top winner.  The prize can be something as simple as a bottle of wine.  The dealers will count up each guests chips and determine the top winners.  The best part about the prize is it will keep everyone involved to the end to see who the top winner is, and they go home with bragging rights they won something and it makes them glad they came to the event.

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